Dropdowns are just a suspended Menu. Take a look at Select for value selection.
{{-- Default trigger --}}
<x-menu-item title="Archive" icon="o-archive-box" />
<x-menu-item title="Remove" icon="o-trash" />
<x-menu-item title="Restore" icon="o-arrow-path" />
{{-- Custom trigger --}}
<x-button icon="o-bell" class="btn-circle btn-outline" />
<x-menu-item title="Archive" />
<x-menu-item title="Move" />
{{-- Use `right` if dropdown is on right side of screen --}}
<x-dropdown label="Hello" class="btn-warning" right>
<x-menu-item title="It should align correctly on right side" />
<x-menu-item title="Yes!" />

Click propagation

By default, any click closes the dropdown. Just use @click.stop or wire:click.stop to prevent this behavior.

<x-dropdown label="Settings" class="btn-outline">
{{-- By default any click closes dropdown --}}
<x-menu-item title="Close after click" />
<x-menu-separator />
{{-- Use `@click.STOP` to stop event propagation --}}
<x-menu-item title="Keep open after click" @click.stop="alert('Keep open')" />
{{-- Or `wire:click.stop` --}}
<x-menu-item title="Call wire:click" wire:click.stop="delete" />
<x-menu-separator />
<x-menu-item @click.stop="">
<x-checkbox label="Activate" />
<x-menu-item @click.stop="">
<x-toggle label="Sleep mode" right />