Mary components

Clone the repository into some folder inside your app.

git clone

Change composer.json from your app.

"minimum-stability": "dev", // <- change to "dev"
// Add this block
"repositories": {
"robsontenorio/mary": {
"type": "path",
"url": "/path/to/mary", // <- change the path
"options": {
"symlink": true

Require the package again for local symlink.

composer require robsontenorio/mary

Start dev

yarn dev

Mary docs

This website is made with Laravel, Livewire, Volt and Mary.

Clone the repository and open it on VSCODE with the Dev Container extension.

git clone

Create .env from .env.example and adjust a few vars.


Install, migrate and start.

composer start

Done! See http://localhost:8018

If you are not using the VSCODE Dev Containers extension, use any local address you have set up.
It uses SQLITE for dynamic examples.